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Our Unique Story

Our Unique Story

I can still remember as clearly as yesterday, being very young and watching my pops, the late Eugene Tyler, shave in the mirror in his bathroom on Hogarth Street in Detroit, MI. 

Timeline: Early 80’s, I had to be around 5 or 6 at that time. The image from my view (although I didn’t know the words back then) was one of bold strength and being truly brave. 

It was just something about watching my father shave with a razor that could’ve easily cut him at any given time, that was mesmerizing to me. I can still hear the water drizzle in the sink and the sound of his shaving brush as he created the soap foam. I can also still hear the sound of the razor against his skin as he would line his mustache and beard. Reminiscing, I instantly felt that this was the perfect portrait of a man doing one of the most masculine things that could be done in my mind. I also felt that this was what I needed to do to become a man like my father. 

My father was very charming and debonair, in his days of dressing and grooming himself to be the very best version of himself back then. I would often steal his aftershave and cologne off of the dresser and mimic what I’d seen him do. He eventually became a mechanic in later years and I didn’t see this as much, but the images still remained extremely vivid. As I became of age to shave, I would often revisit my memories of him and do the things that I felt he would approve of. I remember asking him distinctly if I should use clippers or a straight razor; knowing that he would choose the latter. He would say in his very deep southern accent- “It chu want to do it, that’s the way it's done!” hinting towards using the straight razor as the premier shaving tool to use.

Years after my father passed, I began to grow a full beard. I began to see why people would say I resembled him. I also quickly realized that maintaining a full beard was much more time consuming than a shorter beard, chin strap or goatee. After using countless products from different companies, I started to notice that it was very hard for my hair texture to lock in moisture and avoid overcurl. My skin would also become hyperpigmented at times.

Being an African American man this is an issue and a concern among our bearded men. The only resolution I had at the time was to create my own products. I am an avid baker and I love baking and cooking so, I said to myself, hmm… why don’t you try to use the same technique with oils and butters to see if you can create good hair and beard products. My wife Keisha had been doing it for a while and I loved her products so, I tried that and it worked!! Keisha and I started making our own haircare, skincare, beard oils and balms in the comfort of our home. I then began to pass these products out to family members and a few colleagues at work who rocked beards. After receiving an abundance of positive feedback, I then started to think… Hmm… why don’t I just take these homemade, handmade products and build a brand. 

This was the birth of Instant Masculinity Grooming.

There was only one last thing to do, and that was to come up with a logo. Well, since pops gave me the inspiration and the desire to grow a beard, I combined an image of him and I together to become what is known to the world as Instant Masculinity Grooming LLC. 

We are a black owned small business. Created out of love, who cares about tradition, family, people, men or women, young or old, bearded or not, haircare, skincare and beards. Check out our homemade all natural products today and Groom Like a Gentleman!


Reginald O. Williams